Welcome to Gizare Maternity Hospital

Infertility is ever increasing problem in today’s life. Dr. Gizare hospital is pioneering in treatment and education of this issue. Main thrust is given on counseling. Cost effective approach, Updated information and reasonable results.

Except IVF and ICSI, all modalities are available with emphasis on conservative and medical management. Ovarian drilling has been available for almost 8-10 years with more than 800 cases. To the credit. Increamental ragemin, extended ragemin and other have been tried. IUI and IUI donor also have been available since 15 years. Male infertility, sexual dysfunction evaluation are also available with Experts. Micro Surgery, both open and laproscopic are been performed. Hence un doubtly it is ideal place for enfertice couples in a smart city!

In Obstetrics. It is a trusted name with excellent vaginal delivery rates and incremental delivery application.Gizare maternity hospital has earned safe satisfied name in community and moreover in the rural for liberal use of misoprostal at every step and various indications for gain best results and name .

Dr. Gizare hospital has in house pediatrician round the clock with phototherapy and incubator warmer etc.

Gizare hospital has unique facility for balloon endometrial therapy unit for various menstrual disorders with more than 100 cases. Laproscopic sterilization is available for family planning more than 5000 cases have been performed hence helping in stabilization of population.

Medical abortion (MPT with pills) has revolutionized family planning concept thus made it more simple, personal and conservative. We are pioneers in popularizing this concept again helping in population stabilization.

We also have understood our social responsibility by creating awareness camps, health checkup camps in rural areas, schools, colleges. We celebrate women’s day, doctors day, health day and many more .

We have been endorsed by many insurance companies for cashless and re-imbursement purpose.

We have well equipped laboratory and round the clock pharmacy, blood bank near to us to cater to the emergency situations. Our hospital is visited regularly by yoga therapist, dietician, sex therapist giving a comprehensive care.

We continue to strive our best to uplift the health status of women.

Opening Hours of Hospital

    OPD Hours

  • Morning
    11:00 am – 03:00 pm
  • Evening
    07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
  • Saturday
    Half day
  • Sunday
  • For Labour Related Problems